Ancient Races

It was believed that there were only six Ancient Races, but it has since been discovered that there were actually eight in total. When the Sindorei (commonly referred to as the Psi Race) originally created the Towers of Magic to destroy the rest of the Ancient Races it was believed that they never used the weapon. As it turns out, they used the weapon twice to commit genocide on two of their brethren.

When the gods Sera’, Draco, and Fagaras attempted to “rebuild” things, they tried to remove the Ancient Races from the Realms. In some ways this worked, as the majority of the Ancient Races that survived are now gone. However some are still here. It is my personal theory that the Ancient Races held some inherent power that set them apart. And if they chose to stay in the Realms, doing so stripped them of this power. While those that left kept it. We have also learned now that the Ancient Races were the children of Zavelodin. And it was the unknown mistake of the gods removing the Ancient Races that finally brought Zavelodin’s plan to bring Zoron back to fruition.

The Asurians
The Asurians were a lizard like humanoid race that supposedly thrived upon corruption and decay, eventually destroying their own homeland. This lead them into a deadly war against the Sastrans when they tried to take the Sastran lands for their own. Ultimately this lead to their demise as the Sastrans defeated them. In retribution they cursed the Sastrans by corrupting some of their kind to feed off of their own, which resulted in the creation of vampires.

Kratine the God-King of the Asurian race never died. He is in existence to this very day and is revered by the city of Remeumpton, named for the High Priest Remeumpton. The new race of True Vampires created by Saul is believed to be the successor of the power of the Asurians. They are technically living creatures (no longer undead) and little is known of them.

The Sastrans are described as being “the perfect human beings”, in touch with the arcane, the divine, and life itself. Little is known about them beyond their war with the Asurians, but supposedly their gods decided that it was better to leave than to stay and fight in the wars between the Ancient Races. At some point after the Asurians were defeated, the Sastrans vanished. The True Elves are the successor to the power of the Sastrans and they possess the Sastrans legendary affinity for the arcane, divine, and life.

The god of secrets, Draco, doesn’t much like demons. As such, he let out this little known piece of information. In the War of the Ancient Races there was only one victor, the Shifters. And it was they who bound the Demons into servitude to defend the world against annihilation, to serve as the final line of defense. The demon’s successors are the True Undead who are lead by Vesuvian, an undead were-bear.

Celestial Dragons
There are theories that the Celestial Dragons spawned both the Angels and all of the breeds of Dragons, but little proof. While some Celestial Dragons were known to have survived the War of the Ancients, little was ever learned of them. None have been seen since the Cataclysm. True Angels are believed to be their spawn. The Angels have been getting scooped up by the gods when possible, some even “falling” to the darker sides. However most still work as free agents…or for an unknown power?

The winners of the War of the Ancients… The very idea that eight of the most powerful races to ever exist in this Realm had a war and there was a single victor is one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever contemplated. Shifters are the creators of the Fae, can feed off of magic, can turn into anyone whom they consume some part of, controlled The Rain Forest, and apparently were willing to take Saul the Master Vampire in. And they’re still here. I have no plans of researching further and drawing their attention. The True Fae are their successors.

Commonly referred to as the Psi Race, they are a psychic race that controlled living symbiotic and parasitic life forms that could be formed into tools, weapons, and more. They were also the creators of the Towers of Magic, but that is a much longer story for another time. Beyond that not much more is known as only two of the Sindorei have ever been met. Their Biomorphs however are quickly becoming a problem. These “children” ravage everything in their path and adapt to all enemies before them. Why they are currently even contained at all is anyone’s best guess.

It has recently come to my attention that two of the Ancient Races were obliterated to the point that we never knew about them. However I have been able to glean some information. Tiamat, the legendary guardian of the portal that lead to the multiverse, was in fact one of the Ancient Races. I’m not sure if Tiamat is her name, the name of her race, or what exactly. But she was one of them and for my purposes I will refer to her race by her name.

She appeared as a gigantic eight headed dragon and as a naked (always naked) beautiful woman wearing only a collar. She could injure anything and leave permanent wounds, and she was also an insatiable nymphomaniac. Her spawn held similar powers though they were never seen in dragon form, nor did they have the same sexual appetite.

The six known races have clear and defined successors to their powers. Tiamat is unclear, though it’s possible that Zavelodin spawned that race specifically for the purpose of rebuilding the Ancient Races. So they may be bound by different rules. But if it’s true that Tiamats were one of the Primordials that theory would hold true as they are the only one to stay the same.

As to the last unknown it is a complete mystery even to me. I’ve not even heard one decent theory worth telling by the hearth fire. But from everything I have found their Successor is here in the Realms. And the fact that they’ve been able to stay hidden even from me is very foreboding.

Excerpt from “An Adventurer’s Guide to NOT Getting Killed!”
Written by Jack, the Skeleton, son of Al’Ren.

Ancient Races

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