The word “demon” is spoken very differently in the Cataclysm Realms than it once was. Zhavelodin is now known to be the force that originally created the Realms, and is given the respect that he has demanded, if not deserved. Notably, for our purposes here, one of his most ancient of titles is “The Demon King of Magic”.

Also it became widespread knowledge in the past two hundred years that the demons, evil or not, were one of the original Ancient Races, following the Primordials, who became the protectors of the Realms. While demons may do horrific, vile, and evil things, at the end of the day they are what stands between the Realms and utter annihilation.

Also, following the Law of Belief, an interesting quote from Al’Ren about demons has found roots in even the minds of the most pious of souls. “Demons are just energy with bad attitudes.”

However what is likely the most relevant, and important reason for this change in how demons are viewed is the god, Fagaras. As he has ascended from a Grand Duke of the 23rd plane of Hel to being a greater god, he is no longer limited in power by a Soul Pit. So as his power is now divinely granted by the belief of his followers, the need to collect souls is no longer the most important aspect of every demons’ existence.

While there can be no mistake that Fagaras is inherently evil to his very core, this new found freedom that demons have to not collect souls has likely been responsible for many of the recent urban legends regarding demons committing both good and mundane actions.

Excerpt from “An Adventurer’s Guide to NOT Getting Killed!”
Written by Jack, the Skeleton, son of Al’Ren.


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