Unique Items


Components are items that can be used in magical rituals in order to gain specific benefits that cannot be achieved without them. Unless stated otherwise, components are always used up (destroyed) when successfully used in a magical ritual. Legendary = L, Epic = E, Rare = R, Common = C.

The First Tear of a Wood Elf: the first team cried by a wood elf. It can be used to Attune oneself to Life energy, create Treants, and to purify the body of disease and poison. R

Luminescent Black Pearl: a magical pearl found only near the lairs of magical aquatic beasts. It can be used for under water breathing and movement or permanent Light enchantments. R

Tiamat Scale: a scale from one of the Tiamats. It can be used to enchant armor over +3, grant level 4 and leveling to someone, grant 1 level to anyone, or gain 1 true DR. L

Unique Items

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