The Powers Unveiled

Intro Information

Please read the Home Page. Also the Main Page is updated. If you read any of these entries before on the old campaign these have been updated with new information. The Gods of the Realms is still a WIP however. If you scroll all the way to the bottom the short version of the gods is there. Gods under the “Further flickering hallways:” are not options for divine power sources, but you can worship who you like. Just don’t expect any juice.

So, now you know. The entire plot was always about Zoron (Russ) undoing what Rob (Mithra), Dave (Methias), and I (Dareth) did back in the day.

I have decided to take some liberal turns with the game world incorporating themes from other genres, most notably League of Legends (hextech), Final Fantasy (magitek), and Anime (cross genre meldings). While also examining plot story elements from Revolution, Lost, Haven, and Under the Dome for concepts.

New Info
Everything above is what I wrote many, many months ago. I am adapting somewhat however as I feel this campaign should be a story of exploration and discovery with D&D Next being brand new for us. The focus will steer away from personal stories and save the world scenarios. It will be far less about “winning” the plot and more about putting your own stamps on the game world, possibly becoming the next major NPC in the future of our game world. In addition I plan on speedy leveling so we can see more of what the class and game balance is like. At level 14-18 I will open up the power level more as far as templates, items, etc… Before then I will largely try to keep the game balance limited to stricter base lines. Somewhere between Wizards of the Coast and City of Crypts.

Characters & Rules
Any race and class out of the base book with no house rules to start. I’ve not finished reading the book yet so don’t expect character generation to be fast or for combat to be swift initially please. If you can spend some time reading the book its going to be a massive help. Alternative rules options will be looked at. Erm, one house rule. The Luck feat is banned unless someone comes up with a specific character concept that fits it perfectly. Or possibly a Halfling as they’ve made them crazy lucky already.

Expect Short Rests every 2-4 encounters and Long Rests every 6-10 encounters for extended combat scenarios such as a dungeon crawl for class balance reasons. This is very against my usual combat design as I typically only do 1-2 fights per game day at most, but the entire game is balanced on this concept so I will have to work it in. Only 1-2 fights per game day would result in classes like the Sorceror, Barbarian, Warlock, and Monk becoming the most unbalanced OP classes in the game with spell casters right behind them.

Intro Information
All of you were sent to “The Darkness” when you were 12 years old. Your entire memory of events prior (family, background, etc…) have been erased. Your existence begins at the age of 12 as you were escorted to the underground city-state called The Darkness. The entire place is run by the Black Guard. It’s a city-state subject to the rule of Shi’dar. The physical design of this city is similar to Attack on Titan with everything from a marketplace to housing to agriculture fields, and the daylight is of magical construction you assume. It is entirely self-sufficient.

Your characters can be of any age with any background besides Noble or Sailor. If another background is simply impossible we’ll discuss it. Don’t worry about your history before age 12. The meta plot from Zavelodin bringing Zoron back and him blowing up the world fits into all of this perfectly. It will make sense in a week or two.

The effects of The Mist World combining with The Realms stopping some people from becoming levelers is still an issue. And it is the entire reason for The Darkness’s existence as far as you can tell. All wishing to undergo training and take the “Tests” may do so. Anyone who levels through this process and passes is then allowed to leave The Darkness and have their memories restored. No one has to take the Tests and protections are in place to stop people from being needlessly killed there.

Expect the first 2 sessions, possibly the 3rd as well, to be very, very heavy combat. It will be at the beginning of the group taking the Tests and will be a series of encounters planned to “power level” by the Black Guard. The goal is to achieve level 4. Only “Levelers” can do this. Once this is done, that is where everything opens up. There will be some role playing, it won’t be all combat. The in game term will really be “Levelers” and it will be explained in game. Non-Levelers cannot achieve anything greater than level 3.


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