Gods of the Realms

The Gods of the Realms follow certain World Laws that appear to be universal. Obviously the common man knows nothing of the specifics governing said World Laws, but general truths seem to always hold true.

The Over Powers

The Over Powers is a new concept to the world, and largely still not understood. However it seems that these gods had something to do with the actual creation of their worlds. As such they can ignore, circumvent, change, and even create World Laws to some extent. Also they have full understanding of World Laws that are kept secret from even the other gods.

The Hag
Goddess of Anger and Hate
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Symbol: An Old Crone
Avatar: Unknown

The creator of the World Laws in the Blue Mist World, she was originally Earth Mother, a kind and benevolent goddess. However similar to Marischa she grew bitter and angry due to abuse and mistreatment by powerful adventurers. Like Zhavelodin, she is the only other true master of World Laws.

God of Magic
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Symbol: A demon king holding an ancient rune bound tome.
Avatar: Bremen the Rune Knight and The Genocide (real name unknown)

The creator of the Realms, he is known as the Demon King of Magic, the Creator of All, and the God of Magic. The kingdom of Pass is now ruled by his followers and many kingdoms now have established laws protecting the religion even from “good” religions.

The Greater Gods

God of Secrets and Entropy
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: A serpentine dragon outline without color.
Avatar: Unknown

He once held 6 of the Ancient Races within his body, was the Duke of the 24th Plane of Hel, and is the first known person who tried to kill Ellowyn and failed. His ascension to godhood was due entirely to his reputation for breaking contracts with demons for people and another god Dracos. The confusion of the names lead to people praying to Draco as if he was god, which first ascended him to a demigod. The rest is history.

God of Demons and Evil
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Symbol: Demonic red eyes in a shadowed recess.
Avatar: Cyn, the Fallen Angel.

Originally the Duke of the 23rd Plane of Hel, his bid for power during the second War of the Shard Horns lead to his ascension as a Greater God. The counter balance to Sera’, the two have often worked in tandem when it has come to world saving problems. There is also a strange tension between Fagaras and Draco which could be construed as a Shadow War behind the scenes.

Goddess of Justice and Vengeance
Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: A silver tear sliding down the blade of a sword.
Avatar: Arringar, the Four Armed Blade.

Once the goddess of Mercy, she is now the goddess of Vengeance due to Vash the Betrayer. She believes that heroes should stand on their own feet and accomplish goals without her assistance, but has stepped in when truly needed.

The Gods

God of Love and Finality
Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: A blood red rose
Avatar: E-Ra

Unlike most gods of love, Eros is one of the most level headed and reasonable gods known to exist. The previous goddess of Love, E-Ra is now his Avatar in a very strange turn of events. Of note, he is the god of Finality. In all things. And he has made it known that all love is his forte, including things such as tragic and unrequited love as well.

God of Luck and Adventurers
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: A silver coin with a man smiling on each side
Avatar: None, rumors say he doesn’t want one.

A unique god, Revlis is a direct enemy of Draco. He was the Unseelie Fae King of the Realms pretending to be a pixie named Twerp. Something occured between him and Draco and they’ve been enemies ever since. How he ascended to godhood is still a mystery, but he managed to accumulate so much power that any worshiper who swears an Oath of Devotion at his temples is immediately granted an entire level.

The Twin Gods
God of Mercy and Compassion
Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: Two twins standing side by side
Avatar: Unknown

One of the mortals involved the War of the Horn Shards, he sought to restore Sera’ to her previous self but was unsuccessful. Frustrated with this, he took up Sera’s mantle and became the gods of mercy and compassion. Their only goal is to make the world a better place.

The Lesser Gods

God of Justice and Order
Alignment: Unknown
Symbol: Scales being held by a man
Avatar: None, but seeking one

The god of Justice and Order is currently working closely with Ll’roe. Ll’roe killed both Dar and Leator (both good gods with very similar portfolios) over the theft of his worshipers and temples. Amoranthe and Ll’roe are both stepping back and working closely together to ensure no future problems like this ever arise again among the good gods.

God of Balance and Nature (Knowledge)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: The One Tree
Avatar: Captain Chargrin the Holy

Bezothca went from being a lesser god of Knowledge to a greater god of Nature all because Captain Chargrin, who worshiped him, failed at his studies. He thought he was a god of nature and lead to the birth of the One Tree, giving Bezothca an entirely new portfolio. The only confusing part is that Bezothca is still a lesser god as he should have ascended to regular status already. At least one would think.

God of Honor and Good
Alignment: Lawful Good
Symbol: A shining golden sword held aloft
Avatar: Varies upon the wielder of his Holy Sword

The patron god of Traste, his Holy Sword used to rest atop the Temple of Ll’roe in Shi’dar as a beacon of hope and warning. The rightful king of Traste could take the sword and become the avatar of Ll’roe to defend their country. But after the Cataclysm things changed. Charum attempted to steal his holiest of temples and only Sera was able to intervene by taking it for herself. It is unclear what will now become of Ll’roe and Sera, or his temple. And many look to Amoranthe to solve the issue.

Goddess of Wealth and Greed
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Symbol: A platinum coin
Avatar: None, but seeking one

Selene is the only god known to be a dragon, and she is also one of the least seen or heard from gods in the Realms choosing to stay out of issues and problems as much as possible. And while she is evil, she has many worshipers who are not. So long as you care about profit and desire that which is not yours, she is always happy to grant her blessing.

Goddess of the Faithless (Un-Faith)
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Symbol: A broken holy symbol
Avatar: The Golem

Why does she exist? Because there are people out there who just hate the gods. She is not a god in the traditional sense, but a version of an Eternal that has the power of a god. There is no true classification for her, though it is believed that an unknown World Law dictates the terms of her existence. Her devotes develop powers that completely nullify the Divine powers of other gods and their followers.

Goddess of Art and Transportation
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: An artistic mural on a wall
Avatar: None, but seeking one

Silhouette was a lost and forgotten god. It was in the Temple of Zhavelodin, his flying/teleporting pyramid, that she was reborn. The World Breakers were visiting his temple and found a wall dedicated to lost and forgotten gods. One of the adventurers, a painter, found a mural of a goddess whose name was no longer remembered and repainted her. And then something happened. Somehow the painter painted a legendary piece of artwork and the temple was stolen from Zhavelodin and given to her. She took the name Silhouette in honor of the silhouette of her former self in the mural that was repainted. The fact that she is the goddess of art seems painfully obvious so few rarely ask why that is. However how she took the portfolio of Transportation away from the Unicorns? That is a question many would like the answer to.

God of Elightenment and Change (Knowledge)
Alignment: Chaotic Any
Symbol: Infinity symbol on a tome
Avatar: Duke Timos the Cunning

Taro was a popular god to begin with, and the only god to somehow get three of The Crystals from the Blue Mist World to leave the Mother Crystal and join him. Then Timos, once king of Traste, became his avatar. Hands down one of the most beloved nobles in recorded history. He is also now leading the movement behind the recent Hextech and Magitek developments.

God of Necromancy and Undeath
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Symbol: Any undead
Avatar: None, but seeking one

Zanathax was a Necromancer who stumbled upon an adventuring party the day they were delving into a dungeon and needed extra firepower. Accompanying them he was amazed to find that the party was seeking a power source that was giving rebirth to Marischa’s dead husband The Storm Lord. At the final moment he threw himself into the energy and destroyed the forming god, taking all of his power for himself and ascending to godhood. He even battled Marischa off when she tried to stop him and they have been in a never ending struggle to this day. He only fights Marischa still to keep her at bay. He avoids her whenever possible.

The Elemental Gods

Goddess of Water and Death
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: A drowning man
Avatar: None, but seeking one

The one and only goddess to be driven mad by adventurers, Marischa has come a very long way from being the most powerful goddess in the Realms. With Sera’s assistance Marischa was reborn after her untimely death and her cloned goddess The Wave Mistress was slain. But it left her changed. The goddess of Healing is now the goddess of Death, and a bit insane still to this day. Zanathax is her immortal enemy and they have been locked in a constant war for centuries as he destroyed her husband to attain his power.

Goddess of Fire and Elemental Pacts
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: A flame
Avatar: Unknown

Once named Wela, she has undergone a transformation since that little is known of. However she was the goddess who provided a suitable replacement to take on one of the Betrayal’s of Sera due to the Vash Curse. Due to this, in many people’s eyes Sharra has an elevated level of respect for being willing to take on a Vash Betrayal in order to help save a part of the world before the Cataclysm.

The Smith
God of Earth and Skill
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: A raised hammer
Avatar: Unknown

A human smith who discovered the capacity to forge master crafted items eventually ascended to godhood. And when Erach, his predecessor, died The Smith took over his mantle. He represents the mastery of any and all skills blessing those who seek to master their art.

God of Air and Time
Alignment: True Neutral
Symbol: Gusting wind
Avatar: An unnamed old man in simple robes and bare feet

One of the least sought out and most mysterious of the gods, when he has been encountered his measure of power is unmistakable. He did reveal recently that the Elemental Gods are a World Law unto themselves and cannot be erased or forgotten.

Ancient, Forgotten, Lost, or Dead Gods

Charum: One True God
Danke: Sacrifice, Earth, Assassins, Evil
Dar: Light, (Justice, Honor)
Deaton: Death, Peace
Drackt: Previous god of Evil, Avatar of Danke
Dracos: Demihumans
Erach: Earth
Ginn: Duke of the 46th Plane
Ja’Dora: Trickery, Mysteries, Deceit
Saphrime: Gifts (Demon Lord)
Thrag: Chaos, Shadow, (Fire)
The Unknown God: Deals, Secrets, Contracts
Sepath: War
Wave Mistress: Vengeance

Excerpt from “An Adventurer’s Guide to NOT Getting Killed!”
Written by Jack, the Skeleton, son of Al’Ren.

Gods of the Realms

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