House Rules


  • At level 3 a Pact of the Blade Warlock gets Medium Armor Proficiency.
  • Pact of the Blade can now create any melee fighting style required weapons. Meaning you can create two shortswords, a greatsword, a longsword and shield, etc… You cannot create ranged weapons, including those with the Thrown property.
  • The Thirsting Blade Invocation grants the Warlock extra attacks at levels 5, 11, and 17. These extra attacks may only be made with their Pact Blade.
  • New Invocation: Destructive Blade, requires Pact of the Blade and level 7. You may choose from the following Fighting Styles: Dueling, Great Weapon Fighting, and Two Weapon Fighting. These only work with their Pact Blade.

Extra attacks that require unarmed strikes can substitute the monk’s weapon instead.

Resistances/Damage Reduction: Any creature that has a resistance that says works against only non-magical will work against magical weapons as well. Also any damage reductions that don’t work against magical weapon do now. Examples would be Werewolves need a silver weapon, not a magical one, to pierce their resistance. Also the Heavy Armor Mastery feat will work against magic weapons.

Appearance: Appearance will not be determined by your Charisma score any longer. Here are the following options you may choose from:

  1. Roll for Appearance – roll 4d6 taking the best 3 rolls. Should you roll below a 10 you can choose option 2, 3, or 4 instead.
  2. Appearance 11 – you are a hero and as such you should be able to look like a standard, average person.
  3. Ugly – Zero Appearance Score, you always have Disadvantage on reaction rolls. In return you gain one skill proficiency of your choice. I use Reaction tables often btw people.
  4. Sexy – Buy it as a Feat like any other. Suspending the laws of reality as you become more powerful you became sexier too!! (Just work with me here…) You gain advantage on all reaction rolls, Proficiency in Seduction (specialized skill), Deception, and Insight with Expertise in all 3. At level 11 Seduction becomes a Reliable Skill for you. All natural rolls of 1-9 are treated as a 10.

Backgrounds: We are using the Customize Rules listed in the book. You may swap out the 2 proficiencies for prof’s of your choice (that make sense for your given Background), and you may swap out the 2 languages/tool kits for 2 (languages/tool kits) of your choice as well (that make sense).

Starting Money: Take the maximum effective roll per the class in the equipment section.

Physical Statistics: See the race section later in the book for actual limits on height, weight, etc. The descriptive text under the initial race section is just that. A description. It is not the actual limits detailed later that I am holding too exactly.

Experience and ABA’s

ABA Awards

  • $5 game food = 1 ABA
  • $10 game food = 2 ABA
  • $15 game food = 3 ABA
  • $20 game food = 4 ABA
  • Transportation resulting in you going out of your way = 1 ABA
  • Showing up on time = 1 ABA
  • Filling out an adventure log = 1 ABA
  • Tracking ABA’s (points gained and how they were spent) and Exp’s = 1 ABA
  • Exposing a broken mechanic (that your character can use) that gets nerfed = 1 ABA
  • Suprising the GM = 2 ABA
  • Completing a Story Arc = 3 ABA
  • Changing the World = 4 ABA
  • Staying in character almost the entire night with MINIMAL out of character conversations = 3 ABA

ABA Purchases

  • All ABA’s cost 8 points each
  • New Skills: Gain Proficiency in one skill. (may purchase twice)
  • New Language: Gain Proficiency in one language.
  • Improved Skill Critical: One Skill crits on a 19-20. (may purchase twice)
  • Damage Reduction: DR 1/-, stacking. (may purchase once)
  • Rerolls: Reroll 1/day. (may purchase twice)
  • Advantage: 1/day (declare before rolling) roll twice and choose the better result. (may purchase twice)
  • Take 20 Specialization: Take 20 1/day on a Skill chosen at time of purchase. (once per skill, doesn’t count as a critical success)
  • Take 20: Take 20 1/day on any skill. (may purchase once, doesn’t count as a critical success)
  • Movement: +5 Move, stacking. (may purchase once)
  • Plot Point: See the DMG. (may be purchased one time for every non-Plot Point ABA purchase made)
  • Feat: At level 10 & 18 you may purchase 1 Feat with ABA’s. This may only ever be done these two specific times.

Experience Points

  • If you miss a game night you will be awarded the normally awarded exp.
  • If the GM cancels a game he will award the players 1/2 of the total exp required for their next level (not taking into account the player’s current exp total).
  • Games being cancelled due to too many players cancelling or special circumstances (such as holidays) don’t grant the players any special bonuses.
  • All new characters will start off at the current highest level in the party.

House Rules

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